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Catch Basin

Catch Basins and Curb Inlets

Catch basins and curb inlets must be cleaned periodically to effectively trap sediment and allow stormwater to flow into your facility. Catch basins and curb inlets protect your facility by trapping sediment and debris. They are the first part of your facility and need regular maintenance to remove material. Maintaining your catch basin or curb inlet may require a confined space permit.

combined stormdrain catch basin and curb inlet.
Curb inlets can be part of your stormwater facility that is found outside of the main facility.


Where to find it:

Find these features outside of your facility. You may have more than one.  Caution: inlets are often located roadside or in parking lots. Take traffic safety measures. 

When to maintain it:

Maintain in late spring and again in late fall when sediment levels are greater than 60% of the sump depth, or as directed by your local jurisdiction.

catch basin diagram 300x269.jpg

What you'll need:

  • gloves
  • safety gear if working in traffic
  • lid puller
  • up to a 10' pole to measure sediment
  • post-hole digger, shovel or wet-dry vac
  • buckets lined with trash bags
catch basin tools 300x300.jpg
confinded space sign 300x212.jpg

Call a professional if your catch basin is too deep to be reached with these tools. Find professionals here.  

Step 1

Use a lid puller to remove lid and set aside. Caution: lid is heavy - use proper lifting technique or call a professional.     

catch basin pulling lid 300x300.jpg


Step 2

Mark 6” increments on a pole or stick and use it to measure sediment depth in the sump, from the floor to the bottom of the outlet pipe.

catch basin measuring sediment 300x300.jpg


Step 3

If sediment is 60% or more of the sump depth (see diagram above) it's time to clean out the catch basin to remove sediment.

catch basin shop vac 300x300.jpg

Step 4

Bag the sediment and dispose in regular trash. CAUTION: sediment may be contaminated - DO NOT put in yard debris cart or compost.

Disposing of sediment in trash.


Printable maintenance card

catch basin rack card cover.jpg

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Maintenance sheets

Facilities commonly associated with catch basins and curb inlets:

Detention Pond

Detention Pond 


Wetpond sm sq.jpg


Biofiltration With Sediment Trap



TreatmentWetland sm sq.jpg

Treatment Wetland 

InfiltrationBasin2 sm sq.jpg

Infiltration Basin