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Don't Drip and Drive

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Is your car leaking?  We're here to help.

Stormwater Partners is helping Clark County drivers identify and fix vehicle leaks. Click on the buttons below to find maintenance tips, videos and resources for helping you learn about a leak. 


When your car leaks oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and other fluids, it is often a sign of larger problems. Fixing car leaks can prevent inconvenient breakdowns, major engine damage and more expensive repairs


When it rains, storm runoff carries oil and other toxic leaks down storm drains to rivers, streams and lakes.  And small leaks matter. An estimated 600,000 quarts of oil leak from vehicles in Clark County each year, polluting our waterways.


Oil and other toxic car leaks end up in puddles where our kids and pets like to play. Fixing car leaks can prevent these fluids from ending up in our streams and lakes where they harm fish, wildlife and habitat.

Learn about your leak.

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  Diagnose Your Leak

What’s leaking under your car? Car leaks can often be identified by observing the color, texture, and location of the fluid. Learn more about your car leak and what part of your car may be effected.

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  Prepare For Your Visit

Ready to take your car in to a mechanic to diagnose your leak? Our handy tips will take you through the basics of finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic and what to expect when you get there.

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 Learn Preventative Tips 

Check out Dr. Drip’s video series for simple tips on identifying and preventing vehicle leaks. Learn how to check for car leaks, look under the hood, and maintain your car.