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Businesses and stormwater

Businesses play a vital role in preventing pollution and helping to manage stormwater. Following best practices and adhering to regulations can save your business money, help protect local streams, and support a positive public image.

Many businesses utilize large areas of impervious surfaces like parking lots, roads and rooftops. As rain or melting snow flows across your business property it can pick up pollutants such as dirt, oil, litter and anything else resulting from activities performed outside and uncovered. Once this slurry of polluted stormwater enters storm drains it does not get treated, which is why it is the responsibility of businesses to prevent this pollution. 

Impervious surfaces also increase the amount of stormwater runoff. The sheer amount of stormwater runoff is enough to cause erosion and degrade streams, especially in urbanized areas. It can also cause local flooding. 


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A medallion that reads "Protect water, only rain in drain" beside a storm drain grate.

Preventing pollution 

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 Maintaining stormwater infrastructure

responding to spills square.jpg

Responding to spills

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Professional landscaping 

covered dumpster is good maintenance

Dumpster maintenance 

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Surface cleaning 

food cart at a festival

Farmer's markets and food trucks

 Clark County Green business logo

Clark County Green Business Program  

A construction site with good erosion control measures in place.

 Contractors and construction






Report a spill or environmental concern

To report spills, dumping into surface water or storm drains, and illicit sewer and waste water connections to the stormwater drainage system, call: Washington Department of Ecology 24-Hour Spill SW Region Response Hotline at 1-800-OILS-911 (1-800-645-7911).  


Printable resources


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