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Trash screen

Trash Screen

Trash screens trap larger debris to keep it contained within the sediment trap. This prevents debris from accumulating in vegetated areas and smothering plants needed for the facility to function as designed. Make sure trash screens, also called debris barriers, are maintained annually so stormwater can flow through your facility properly. A trash screen is often part of a sediment trap, which you can learn more about here

trash screen well-maintained
Trash screens keep large debris out of facilities
 and can be maintained with common tools.





Where to find it:

Trash screens are typically part of a sediment trap, which is near the inlet of stormwater facilities.

When to maintain it:

Clear and remove accumulated debris annually in summer and fall months, before winter rains. 

What you'll need:

  • work gloves
  • buckets lined with trash bags
  • flat-tipped shovel
  • broom and dust pan
  • rake

Tools you'll need:

trash screen tools


trash screen before maintenance with accumulated debris
This trash screen has accumulated debris and 


trash screen after maintenace
Trash and debris have been removed and
disposed of in trash.

Step 1

Remove trash screen. Some trash screens are wide and may require two people. Often, trash screens fit into slots in the sediment trap. 

Two men removing a trash screen.

Step 2

Tap the screen against the sediment trap or use a broom or rake to remove material. Do this inside the sediment trap for easy cleanup.

Two men tapping a trash screen against the inside of a sediment trap to remove debris.

Step 3

Sweep up the debris from the trash screen. Remove any material from the sediment trap and put in bags for disposal.

After cleaning a trash screen two men are sweeping up debris.

Step 4

Reinstall the trash screen. Dispose of material in the trash. DO NOT put in yard debris cart or home compost.

Two men replace a trash screen.

Printable maintenance card

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Stormwater facilities that often have trash screens include: 


 Detention pond


 Infiltration basin


 Treatment wetland