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Sediment trap

Sediment Trap

Sediment traps allow fine dirt particles to settle before entering your stormwater facility. This preserves the functionality and lifespan of the facility by preventing sediment from accumulating in the planted area. Make sure sediment traps are maintained annually to keep your stormwater facility functioning properly.

sediment trap in stormwater facility
Sediment traps can be maintained with
common tools.






Where to find it: 

Sediment traps are usually found near the inlet of a stormwater facility.

When to maintain it: 

Remove sediment and manage vegetation annually in summer months, before winter rains.

What you'll need: 

  • flat tip shovel
  • buckets lined with trash bags
  • work gloves and PPE

For vegetation you may need pruners, weed eater and rake.

Tools you'll need: 

sediment trap tools include shovel, rake, buckets, weed eater, pruners and PPE


sediment trap before before maintenance
This sediment trap has accumulated dirt and


sediment trap after maintenance
The dirt and debris have been removed and
disposed of in regular trash.

Step 1

Maintain vegetation around sediment trap to allow for easy access.

maintaining vegetation around sediment trap with weed eater

Step 2

Use a shovel to scrape vegetation, dirt and debris off the bottom of the sediment trap.

shoveling dirt from sediment trap

Step 3

Empty dirt and debris into buckets and bag for disposal in trash.

bagging sediment in sediment trap

Step 4

Residents may dispose of material in regular trash. DO NOT dispose in yard waste cart or home compost.

disposing of sediment 300x300.jpg

Printable maintenance card

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Stormwater facilities that often have sediment traps include: 



 Detention pond


 Infiltration basin


 Treatment wetland