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Field Inlet

Field Inlets

Your field inlet is the last part of your stormwater facility to trap sediment and pollutants. Maintaining your field inlet, or grated inlet, should be done periodically and can usually be performed with common tools. This helps protect water quality by keeping sediment and pollutants out of the storm sewer system, which usually drains directly to nearby streams.

a field inlet
Field inlets are common component of 
stormwater ponds and swales.

Where to find it: 

Field inlets are usually near the end of a stormwater facility. Look for a large metal grate surrounded by grass.

When to maintain it:

Maintain in late spring and late fall, after leaves have fallen and the weather is dry.

What you'll need:

  • work gloves
  • containers lined with trash bags
  • rake
  • post-hole digger, shovel and/or wet-dry vacuum

You may need: 

tools needed to maintain a field inlet


field inlet before maintenance
This field inlet is covered with debris and full
of sediment.


a field inlet
This field inlet is clear of debris and sediment
has been removed. 

Step 1

two men clearing debris from field inlet
Remove surrounding vegetation, if necessary.
Clear debris from grate. 

Step 2

man at field inlet removing grate
Remove grate using proper lifting technique 
and set aside. CAUTION - grate is heavy.

Step 3

two men at field inlet removing sediment with wet-dry vacuum
Use a shovel, post-hole digger or wet-dry
vacuum to remove sediment.

Step 4

disposing of sediment 300x300.jpg
Reinstall grate, bag sediment and dispose
in the trash. DO NOT put in yard waste cart or
home compost. 

Printable maintenance card

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 Facilities commonly associated with field inlets:

Detention Pond




Infiltration Basin




Treatment Wetland