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Curb cut

Curb Cuts

Curb cuts are openings in the curb that allow stormwater to enter your facility from a road or parking lot.Use common tools to clear sediment and debris from curb cuts to prevent puddling and allow stormwater to enter your facility for treatment. Keeping curb cuts clear is necessary for the facility to function and to prevent puddling.

Curb cut that is part of a bioretention cell.
Curb cuts are common features of bioretention
cells and need to be kept clear.





Where to find it: 

Look for curb cuts around the perimeter of your facility. You may have multiple curb cuts. Caution: inlets are often located roadside or in parking lots near bioretention cells and permeable pavements. Take traffic safety measures.

When to maintain it:

Clear curb cuts when they are partially covered with sediment, vegetation and/or debris. Maintennace is often needed after fall rains begin and leaves have fallen.

What you'll need: 

  • flat tip, or square point shovel
  • container lined with trash bags
  • work gloves
  • traffic safety gear (cones, high visibility clothing)

CAUTION: curb cuts along roads and in parking lots pose traffic risks. Use proper safety gear and be aware of surroundings.

Tools you may need:

curb cut tools 300x300.jpg


sediment and vegetation blocking a curb cut
Sediment, debris and vegetation are blocking
this curb cut.


curb cut cleared of sediment and debris
Sediment, debris and vegetation have been
cleared from this curb cut. 

Step 1

Prepare safety gear, if necessary. Locate the curb cuts in your facility.

curb cut step 1 locating 300x300.jpg

Step 2

Clear sediment, debris and vegetation from curb cut with shovel.

curb cut step 2 shoveling 300x300.jpg

Step 3

Bag up the material cleared from the curb cut for disposal. 

curb cut step 3 bagging 300x300.jpg

Step 4

Dispose of material cleared from curb cuts in the trash. DO NOT pub in yard waste or home compost. 

disposing of sediment 300x300.jpg

Printable maintenance card

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curb cut rack card COVER.jpg



Facilities commonly associated with curb cuts include: 




pervious pavers 2 sq.jpg

Permeable pavers


pervious concrete 1 sq.jpg

Pervious concrete / asphalt