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Business - Maintaining stormwater infrastructure

Information for businesses

Commercial properties could have unique stormwater features in addition to those typically found in residential areas. These features include pervious pavement, which allows rain on parking lots and walkways to soak into the ground rather than run off; oil/water separators, underground structures typically located in parking lots and at automotive businesses; and sand filters which can be located above or below ground.

Because these features often are out of sight or blend into their surroundings, maintenance can easily be forgotten or overlooked. Regular inspection and cleaning are important to keep these structures functioning properly and avoid potentially costly repairs. Maintenance is a requirement of state stormwater rules and local stormwater ordinances.

Commerical stormwater features


oil water coalescing plates sq.jpg

Oil water separator 


pervious pavers 2 sq.jpg

Permeable pavers


pervious concrete 1 sq.jpg

Pervious concrete / asphalt 


sand filter lid sq.jpg

Sand Filter 


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