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Eligibility Checklist

Eligibility Checklist and Deadlines


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Eligible Participants: 

►  Are in 6th - 12th grade as of fall term 2023.

►  Are enrolled in public, private, charter or home school in Clark County.

►  May be either a school group (class, club, etc.) OR an independent individual or team.

Video Entries:

►  Theme 1: Protecting Water in Our Community short videos must be between 25-40 second and long videos must be 45-60 seconds. Theme 2: Community Storytelling and Theme 3: Clean Water for All videos must be between 45-60 seconds.

►  Must focus on one of the topics listed on the contest website.

►  Must be factually accurate.

►  Cannot contain any copyrighted material including images, video, sound effects, or music. Using copyrighted material will disqualify your entry.

►  Video must be in .mp4 or .mov file formats and have a minimum resolution of 720p.

►  Must be submitted via completed application form by April 22.

►  One video entry per student. All finalists will also be eligible to win the People's Choice awards automatically. Students identifying as BIPOC will also be entered into the BIPOC Filmmaker award category automatically.  

►  If under 18, must have parent or guardian complete the release form by April 22.

►  May be shot in landscape or portrait orientation.

►  Video will become property of Stormwater Partners of SW Washington. 


►  Entries that meet the video criteria above will be selected as finalists and uploaded to the Stormwater Partners YouTube channel. 

►  All finalists will be eligible for the People's Choice contest and the category they chose.

Winners and Prizes:

►  One $500 prize and one $100 honorable mention prize will be awarded for each of the five prize categories: Protecting Water in Our Community short, Protecting Water in Our Community long, Community Storytelling, Clean Water for All, and People's Choice.

►  Winning videos may be edited for branding and used by the Stormwater Partners for marketing. Use may include distribution via social media and other channels.

Dates and Deadlines:

  • April 22, 2024: applications due
  • May 7, 2024: finalists notified
  • May 17-23, 2024: People’s Choice contest period
  • May 30, 2024: winners notified 

Questions? Contact us.

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