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Low impact development (LID)

Mt Vista rain garden LID
This curbside rain garden is an effective 
LID technique.

Low Impact Development is an approach to land development or re-development that works with the natural landscape to manage and minimize stormwater runoff. LID preserves and recreates natural landscape features and minimizes impervious surfaces to create functional, appealing site drainage to treat stormwater as a resource rather than a waste product. Practices include bioretention facilities, rain gardens, vegetated rooftops, rain barrels and permeable pavements.

By implementing LID principles and practices, water can be managed in ways that reduce the effect of built areas and promote natural movement of water in an ecosystem or watershed. Applied on a broad scale, LID can maintain or restore a watershed’s hydrologic and ecological functions. LID can be applied to new development, redevelopment or a retrofit, and has been adapted to a range of land uses, from high density ultra-urban settings to low-density development.

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