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Facilities - recognizing your facility

How to recognize your facility

Your homeowners association should have access to information about the locations and types of facilities serving your property. If the facility is privately maintained, the association also should have a maintenance plan.

If your residential development does not have a homeowners association or association documents have no mention of stormwater management, look for information about locations and types of facilities on the recorded plat for your subdivision or in your property deed under "Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions." (CC&Rs).

The facilities have been divided into three categories for easier recognition:
Wet facilities
Dry facilities 
Underground structures and facilities

The pictures and descriptions on these pages should help you recognize stormwater facilities. Some have fences around them for safety, especially those with standing water. If the facilities have problems, however, identification can be difficult.

For more information about facilities in your development, contact your local agency and ask a stormwater inspector to visit.

Wet pond

Wetpond facility.