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Community Storytelling

Theme 2: Community Storytelling - Dive into Your Water Connection with Pure Positivity! 


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Water connects us in many ways. Share a story about how it
connects you to something important. 

Theme 2: Community Storytelling 

Make a 45-60-second video sharing your personal or cultural connection to water. Here are a few ideas you could consider:
  • Tell a heartwarming story about a special water moment with your family or friends that. Spread joy, be engaging, and end with an uplifting call to action!
  • Think about an experience that connected you with water. Was it a memory from water activities with loved ones? Did you feel a sense of appreciation? Did it make you think about protecting water?
  • Share a cultural connection to water. Do you know any stories about water (its importance, value, origin, etc.) from your culture? Are there stories from your family?

Include a call to action at the end of your video!

Video Tips and Resources:

  • Your video is a way to inspire others to connect and protect water
  • Show your message, don’t just say it. 
  • Use your creativity to grab viewers’ attention, keep them watching to the end and leave them with an “aha” moment.
  • Consider using action, comedy and/or emotion to help get your point across.
  • Stay positive – lean into hope, curiosity and solutions
  • Select a call to action and give your video a cool movie name
Video Do’s
  1. Be the Bright Star: Film your own amazing video—no stock footage or photos!
  2. Groove with YouTube's Audio Library: Use cool music or create your own sounds. Your school district may have audio files you could use, such as Sound FX.  No copyrighted music, please!
  3. Clean your Lens: Wipe your lens, and hold your phone steady, ideally using both hands.
  4. Quality is Joy: Record and edit in high quality - 24 to 30 frames per second, use 60 fps if you plan to slow down the video. Render your edited video to the highest quality as well. Under your YouTube profile, go to settings and select the highest upload quality. We want your video to shine!
  5. Use a FREE Video editor: If using a free video editor, select one that does not have a watermark and will export to YouTube quality (minimum resolution of 720p). Your school may have video editing software, ask your digital arts teachers about it. They may also have recommendations or you can search YouTube for advice on best free mobile phone editors for IOS or Android. 
  6. Languages of Happiness: Create your video English or another language. Add English subtitles if your video is in another language. If your video is already in English you’re welcome to add subtitles in other languages too. Let's embrace diverse cultural perspectives.
  7. Fun Elements Welcome: Add humor, like educational parody, action, or drama inspired by your favorite films. 
  8. Shoot in landscape or portrait: this year videos shot in portrait (vertical orientation) will also be accepted.
  9. Be safe, share accurate info, and spread the joy!
Video Don’ts

The following activities will disqualify your videos, so don’t do it…if you want to be eligible for the sweet prizes!

  1. Don’t use copyrighted footage, photos or music! It will disqualify your video! Check with your teachers about resources from your school. 

Note: there are many sources claiming to have royalty/copyright-free music. DO NOT use them as the music copyrights can change later and disqualify your video.

  1. Don’t share misinformation. Information in videos must be factually accurate. Do your homework and make sure you are sharing accurate messages!
  2. Don’t do anything dangerous. Make sure people, animals and our environment are kept safe as you create your video. If you are demonstrating an unwanted behavior, make sure it doesn’t have the unwanted impact. 

Remember: Be a positive force, be safe, and let's create videos that spread joy and love for clean water! 🌟🎬

Resources for some extra video awesomeness:

Check out past winners for inspiration:

Websites for more info:

Get ready to shine with positivity, young filmmakers! 🌈💧Video Tips

Questions? Contact us.

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