Video Topic: Community Storytelling - Your Connection to Water


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Water connects us in many ways. Share a story about how it
connects you to something important. 


This category is an invitation to tell a story that expresses your cultural or personal connection to water. This can be different for everyone so use this category as an opportunity to tell a story based on your personal experience and from your unique perspective. Below are some prompts that may help cultivate ideas for themes, but you are not required to pick from the list below. The idea is to share your story of water—whatever that story may be.  

Ideas to help choose a theme:

We all belong to a watershed, an area of land that drains to a waterbody, directly or indirectly. And so, we all live downstream from somewhere.  What connects you to local streams, rivers and lakes?

How do you protect the water around you? Finish this statement: I am a steward of clean waters because….

Is there a special experience you’ve had that connects you to a body of water?

Share a cultural story about the value of healthy streams, lakes or the wildlife found there. Are there any stories about water specific to your family, culture or heritage?

Do you or those close to you have a special connection to water? Interview members of your family or those close to you about what water means to them. Don’t forget to include what water means to you! Use your creativity to tell your personal story of water.

How does being around water make you feel?

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